Braids! Twists! Locks! They're just some of our specialty's. Today, more people than ever are freeing themselves from harsh chemicals, and damaged, over-processed hair from home relaxers.  But they know natural hair needs love, too. And people with natural hair seek a stylist who won't damage their hair by twisting or braiding too tightly. Discover the difference here. We offer head-turning style, and we'll nurture your natural hair back to its healthy state. We challenge the false notion that braids hurt and cause hair loss. Braids don't have to hurt, and you don't have to ruin your hair line to wear them or other natural styles.
In our quest to promote healthy hair we also offer select Hair Extensions & Weaving by licensed professional stylist. (We stay away from the glue). 
Call for a free consultation appointment.  We guarantee impressive styles, a serene atmosphere and always courteous & professional service.
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Salon Indigo- NHCS              
Specializing in Natural Hair Care,  Braids, Twist, Locks, Weaves, Micro Bead Extensions and Lock Extensions.

Are you tired of spending 8 to 12  hours getting your hair braided? Well, due to my many, many years of braiding I have mastered the art with an incredible amount of speed!!!!  There is absolutely no reason to have to schedule a complete day OFF in order to get hair extensions (or anything else). My average time for TWO STANDS with Extensions is 3 hours...Natural Twist 1 hour 45 min (that includes shampoo and dryer time).  Full Weaves aproximately 2-3 hours. CORNROW Updo's 1 to 2 hours. And you will NEVER have TWO DIFFERENT STYLIST BRAIDING YOUR HAIR.                                               
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